Universal Effects - CONFETTI/ BLASTER MACHINES - Prices Listed Below

Welcome to the dedicated Universal effects Confetti/ Blaster machines page.

Before reading on it is important to remember that the entire universal effects range is designed to be completely interchangeable. As such some of the Blaster machines may be interchangeable with other machines to create even more dramatic effects at a much lesser cost than most manufacturers.

For example, Many of our Confetti blaster range can be used as launchers for other events such as Popcorn Parties, Glitter Parties, UV parties, Paint Parties making our machines ideal for Confetti events & much more.

As such it may be a good idea to check out the full universal effects range by CLICKING HERE

As well as the above, we also have a huge range of dedicated Confetti/ Blaster machines, specifically engineered to to produce high quality effects suitable for theme park, Nightclub, Concert, Arenas, Stadiums, TV & film productions along with other corporate entertainment needs.

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Here are a few example video's of Universal Effects products in action... Enjoy!

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Note: Due to the massive diversity of Universal effect, there may be some overlap in prices & products contained in the price list below. Alternatively CLICK HERE for the full product range & price list


We hope you find everything your looking for and should you require any further information, Please feel free to Contact us direct.

*Most of the products on this website have been drafted as a concept product and purely as a marketing exercise. The artwork used may require a licensee fee to be paid in order to allow us to reproduce it for commercial gain.

This will be discussed at time or order and the license acquisition may take upto 4 weeks unless a license is already held. The products shown above will have been reworked and have new artwork sewn into for sale.