New for 2013.

Please check through our selection of NEW products we have manufactured for 2013. We try to keep as up to date as we can with the bouncy castles we manufacture and move with the times. We like to think we don't just manufacture a bouncy castle, we engineer and tailor make them to suit your needs : )

Some products are more show stopper than others but each and every one has been manufactured for one of our many customers and we pleased to have now added them to our range.

If you cant see anything you like or If you have any new ideas that you'd like to see build, Please feel free to visit our Custom Designs/ Bespoke Builds section and see if we can help. You may even get a sneak preview of some our products being manufactured.

We are also able to apply a full range of Artwork should you require. Please CLICK HERE to view our extensive range of Bouncy Castle Artwork & themed inflatable examples.

But aren't custom build inflatables expensive? Sometimes but we have the benefit of owning and operating a huge hire company so the chances are if we like it, we will stand the design fees and endorse the product for you : )

Each item listed below has a more detailed information section giving specific details such as height, length, width, maximum number of children/ adults, specific age ranges and power requirements and other vital statistics to help you make the right choice.

For multiple purchase orders, Please feel free to Contact Us or use the Request A Quotation feature below each product for sale & we'll be happy to help.Call us today on 07838163196 & remember all prices displayed are +vat


*Most of the products on this website have been drafted as a concept product and purely as a marketing exercise. The artwork used may require a licensee fee to be paid in order to allow us to reproduce it for commercial gain.

This will be discussed at time or order and the license acquisition may take upto 4 weeks unless a license is already held. The products shown above will have been reworked and have new artwork sewn into for sale.