Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions we receive on an almost daily basis. We have compiled a list of questions and answers to ensure you have all the correct facts about purchasing an inflatable. If there's anything missing, please feel free to Contact Us via the tab at the top of this page.

Are you VAT registered? Yes we are a VAT registered company. Our details are as follows: Better Bounce Ltd - Unit 8, Oak Mills, Topcliffe Lane, Morley, Leeds, LS27 0HL - VAT No: 105738128

Do all the prices on your website include VAT? No all website prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.All our current prices are clearly displayed on the website.
We will endeavour to ensure that the prices shown on this website are correct.

If for any reason the price(s) of any item(s) are incorrect at the time you place an order with us, we will contact you at the earliest possible opportunity to advise you of this. At this point you have the right to change or cancel your order. Any payments made or due will be adjusted or refunded to account for any changes or refunds as the circumstances dictate. Delivery charges to your area- please phone or email.

You affirm that you understand that all transactions are subject to plus the current rate of VAT if you are a UK Customer. If you are an EU customer outside the UK and you provide us with your VAT number in your country, once the number has been authorised, no VAT will be payable. For customers outside the EU ie Australia, Africa, USA, South America etc no VAT is payable.

Commercial customers are deemed business to business transactions and therefore not covered by the sale of goods act. Whilst there is an active shopping cart with prices on the site, it calculates the prices without VAT as we export internationally and as such VAT rates vary.

Please call to clarify your purchase with the correct final charge of VAT. (If applicable in the country you reside, along with the correct carriage costs.) All prices whenever quoted either on the website, in correspondence or verbally are all plus VAT at the current rate. Please Enter you details here to Subscribe to our monthly special offers & Industry information updates. We will not bombard you with mountains of Junk email or pass your details onto a 3rd party.​

How do I know you are reliable & what sets you apart from the rest of the bouncy castle manufacturers? The Better Bounce name was established over 25 years ago making it one of the longest established names in the manufacturing industry. We have sold over 10,000 products shipped to countries on every continent around the world.

How long has Betterbounce being manufacturing for? A whopping 25 Years.

What is your 1,2,3 Guarantee? This ones simple its a combination of our 1 years safety certificate & design review pack, our 2 years return to base warranty and our 3 years annual safety inspection discount guarantee on our inflatable products* some exclusions apply. see terms & conditions for details.

Are all of your products made in the UK? Better Bounce Direct designs and manufactures all of its bouncy castles, ball pools, inflatables slides, assault courses, moonwalk domes, marquees, play trailers and soft play centres in house in some of its Leeds based factory’s and customers are always welcome, by appointment, to visit and see the production facilities for themselves.

Do you offer finance? I'm afraid no one does in the inflatable industry anymore. The problem lies with the residual value of an inflatable product. When you buy a car or van for example, the lender can work out exactly what that car or van will be worth in any given circumstance or at any point in time and as such work out the risk involved against the borrowed amount. Take my bouncy castle van for example, Its a 59plate LWB 2.3hpi Eveco Daily and looking in a Parkers type guide you can see that with 65,000miles on the clock its worth £6,100 and in 6 months time it will be worth £5,900.

However with bouncy castle manufacture and manufacturing of inflatables in general its not as easy as picking up a parkers/ glasses guide and working out the residual value. In the absence of such a guide it is almost impossible to predict the resale value of a bouncy castle or inflatable at any given date and as such lenders will not offer finance packages.

A good way to purchase inflatables though is by Credit card which we will be happy to accept.

How do you create your custom products? Better Bounce designs and manufactures all its products in our Leeds based factory’s,. Customers are always welcome to come and view the production process for themselves. In recent years we have invested heavily in over £100,000 worth of sophisticated 3D Computer Aided Design Software and a computer controlled flatbed cutting machine which gives unrivalled accuracy in the production process which really is worth a visit to see it in action.

Our CNC cutting machine/ Zund plotter is the largest most efficient bouncy castle & inflatable cutting machine currently operating in the UK, which combines with my experience in designing Roads and Bridges in a previous career for 8 years gives unrivalled accuracy in the production of panels and enables us to design some of the most complex inflatables on the market.

Please visit our Custom Designs/ Bespoke Inflatables page by clicking on the link on the left hand side of the page.

CLICK HERE to see just how we do it.

Are your beds double stitched? NO! All our inflatable beds are Quad stitched on a twin needle sewing machine as standard with twin stitching in all other areas of the inflatables.

Do you offer artwork? Yes, Betterbounce are now pleased to offer a full digital print service for our inflatables if required. To take a look at the art work we offer please visit our art work section or CLICK HERE to be redirected. Please read the item description carefully to check if art work is included with this particular product.

Please remember that all artwork must have copyright permission from the owner in order for us to process the files. Copyright will NOT be obtained on your behalf & copyright must be adhered to by the client at the time of order.

Betterbounce will not be held responsible for any unauthorised use of artwork. We merely offer a printing service like any other printers.

Please Note: That we are only able to commission artwork on our inflatables if full copyright is obtained. This does not apply to our own brand of artwork range and remember, liability is with the client should copyright issues arise at a later date. We will always presume you have permission. It is NOT OUR DUTY to check for you.

Please also note that certain designs such as Slides & Disco Domes that receive large amounts of seam pressure require to be made in a conventional seam method as opposed to a flat stitch and as such can distort the artwork at seams. If this is a problem, Please let us know in advance and we can alter the panels to take a flat stitch but this may reduce the warranty length. ​We also reserve he right to change stitching methods on any other product where we see fit. Betterbounce do not posses the technology to produce seamless artwork on traditionally seamed inflatables. The stitching method also does not form part of the contract.

For more information on copyright, please click here:

Information provided courtesy of TIPE:

Caring for your artwork: Whilst the artwork is of the highest most robust quality, It must be cared for properly. do not use any excessive force. Do not use any bleach or strong cleaning products. Always roll artwork up & DO NOT fold it in order to avoid cracking/ spalling over time. Do not sit objects on top of artwork and do not keep it wet for long periods of time.Notwithstanding the above the artwork is very very robust and the above is just a precaution.

What material are your bouncy castles manufactured from? We only use the best quality materials in the construction of our products and it’s all soured in the UK. The inflatables are manufactured from high quality fire retardant reinforced PVC coated fabrics. Constructed from a strong Nylon or Polyester strong weave that is thickly coated on both sides with PVC, it is an extremely robust material with a cape grain finish to resist dirt. It is non-toxic, certified fire retardant which is compliant with BS5438 and BS5867 and has a nominal weight of 610 grams/sq. meter.

What thread are your inflatables manufactured from? Our inflatables are sewn together with rot proof bonded nylon 20 gauge thread for maximum quality and durability as standard

Dimensions: All dimensions are approximate and all measured from a CAD drawing of the product NOT a real time measurement. Due to the nature of inflatables and how they inflate, bow, bubble, twist, warp & rise off the floor when inflated, the measurements given will vary massively from those given on this website. If measurements are crucial always add 2ft for clearance just in case.

Why choose our products over others? All our inflatables come with following items as standard which is an absolute must have for many organisations.

  • Free - 1 years annual safety test Certificate - Emailed electronically
  • Free - 2 Year return to base warranty on all new units.
  • Free - 3 years free annual safety testing on all new units.
  • Free - Design review pack (Ideal for those looking ADIPS, PIPPA & RPII).
  • Free - Risk Assessment.
  • Free - Tailored Hire agreement.
  • Free - Anchor pegs & peg bag.
  • Free - Anchor peg bags.
  • Deadline refund (If we miss your deadline by a single day we refund your money).
  • 10% discount on any purchase made within 6 months of the last.

I am a new company, what help can you give me? Lots!!! All our products come with the following extras as standard (please bear this in mind when comparing our prices with others)

  • Free - Large concealed zip opening underneath the castle for quick deflation.
  • Free - Sewn in blower tube strap with cam buckle to prevent accidental deflation.
  • Free - Quad stitched bed and Quad stitched stress points.
  • Free - Customise your own inflatable colours free of charge.
  • Free - Sewn in rain cover on all bouncy castles where needed.
  • Free - Yellow pages listing
  • Free - Google search engine submission (Secret backdoor URL)
  • Free - Bing search engine submission
  • Free - submission to our UK online hire directory to help generate more income
  • Free - £50 discount voucher for the bouncy castle network
  • Free - How to start, run & operate a bouncy castle hire company 50+ page guide
  • Free - All the help and advice you could ever need.

How do I blow the castles up? The inflatable structures are designed to work with fans that provide the required air flow to maintain the rigidity of the structure. The striching provides thousands of perforations that allow the air to escape at a specifically designed rate. These fans are carefully selected to provide sufficient airflow to enable many years of use of the inflatable, they will even cope with small tears or rips up to about 6cm. It is important that the correct fan is used and particularly where high pressure fans are needed. As the manufacturer, Better Bounce Direct can recommend or supply the correct fan for your inflatable. In most cases we recommend the use of a 1.5hp blower which can be purchased direct from Betterbounce.(some require 2hp or multiple blowers. please ask first)

Delivery & Production: Most of the products that we sell are made to order and tailored to your exact needs unless listed on our "In Stock Products page"Delivery & lead times vary depending on seasonal demand so please contact our office to check availability prior to making your purchase, however we have recently moved to a larger production facility and opened several smaller outlets so have good availability at this time of year.

What about returns: No returns are accepted on non standard or custom products. All returns on other items must be done within 14 working days. restocking fees apply.

Optional Extras: Many of our customers have their own views on what inflatables should and should not be build or look like and as such we make all our units with a quad stitched bed, quad stitched stress points and without artwork as standard with the option of adding extras such as a webbed bed as you see fit.

What about Postage? Postage currently works out at £69 per inflatable, which is based on a high priority pallet delivery service. Additional items such as blowers, pegs, mats and even small inflatables may be included in the pallet at no extra cost.

What about collection in person? Collection in person also welcome from our Leeds distribution factory address below but please ensure you call first to make an appointment.

For more information, please visit our TERMS & CONDITIONS By clicking the following link:​

*Most of the products on this website have been drafted as a concept product and purely as a marketing exercise. The artwork used may require a licensee fee to be paid in order to allow us to reproduce it for commercial gain.

This will be discussed at time or order and the license acquisition may take upto 4 weeks unless a license is already held. The products shown above will have been reworked and have new artwork sewn into for sale.