Soft Play Centres - Sales / Manufacture / Maintenance & Repair.

Welcome to our soft play centres section

Betterbounce Direct have been involved in the design, manufacture and installation of Play Centre manufacture industry since it boomed back in the early 90's & we have completed installations all over the world.

Every last component is manufactured & assemble from raw materials in one of our very own factories in the heart of Leeds. We can offer state of the art bespoke children’s indoor play centres teamed with a all the friendly and personal advice you could ever need.

We use state of the art graphic design & CNC software to ensure every last detail is perfect and have over 25 years experience.

We are happy to deal with structures of any size or shape and work to budgets of all ranges, starting with anything from a large scale indoor family entertainment through to the most specialised of soft play areas.

We pride ourself on being able to deliver an outstanding visual environment with highest safety specification in mind whilst continuing to push boundaries of innovative design.

Below are an example of the last 3 Small, Medium & Large soft play centres we have manufactured

SMALL EXAMPLE: BubbleBounce, Glasgow - CLICK HERE to view website.

MEDIUM EXAMPLE: Jigsaw Jims Playcentre, Stanningley, Leeds - CLICK HERE to view website.

LARGE EXAMPLE: Bushusets, Gothenburg Sweden - CLICK HERE to view website.

Maintenance & Repair.

As well as initial design, build and installation of soft play centres, Bettrbounce Direct also undertake maintenance, service and repair or Soft play centres too.

  • Recovering of panels & ball pools
  • Recovering of Mats, shapes and other soft play toys
  • Nett tightening & Re-netting service
  • Patchwork & component replacement
  • Re-wrapping of existing structures
  • Major overhaul of existing structures
  • Extension work to existing structures
  • New themeing of existing structures
  • General Safety inspections
  • Supply new ramps, barriers, flooring, chimney climbs
  • Buffing of fiber glass slides and components
  • Trampoline repairs & replacements
  • Much much more

We are based in Leeds but happy to travel the UK so please feel free to Contact Us for a free no obligation quotation or brown our component parts section below.

We are also able to apply a full range of Artwork should you require. Please CLICK HERE to view our extensive range of Artwork & themed inflatable examples.

Each item listed below has a more detailed information section giving specific details such as height, length, width and other vital statistics to help you make the right choice.

This information can be found by simply clicking on the items in the grid below.

For multiple purchase orders, Please feel free to Contact Us or use the Request A Quotation feature below each product for sale & we'll be happy to help.Call us today on 07838163196 & remember all prices displayed are +vat


*Most of the products on this website have been drafted as a concept product and purely as a marketing exercise. The artwork used may require a licensee fee to be paid in order to allow us to reproduce it for commercial gain.

This will be discussed at time or order and the license acquisition may take upto 4 weeks unless a license is already held. The products shown above will have been reworked and have new artwork sewn into for sale.